The salt truck This is another great project, initiated by Professor Theo Jurriens of Groningen University. Just like the large university truck, this vehicle is dedicated to natural science. Simple experiments and videos explain the world of salt. Where it comes from, what we can do with it, and how important it is for us. It's hard to believe just how vital the little white crystals are.


The brewery Binding Brauerei promoted its Binding Football Cup contest with a roadshow. Binding Brauerei drove its S.A.M. Stage around the Frankfurt am Main region for a month, looking for the state's best amateur footballers. Equipped with the latest lighting and sound systems, the 24-square-meter show stage provided the ideal backdrop. The promotion team from the agency GO! Advertising put on a show complete with a presenter that created a stir at every stop. Thanks to its large stage opening, the vehicle is easily fitted with all kinds of exhibits and media installations such as projectors or LED walls.

"The joy of driving" was a fitting slogan.

With a total of 39 stops in Germany and approx. 17,000 test drives, the BMW 1-series tour was a highlight in the market launch of the range.

What BMW says: "We want to say a big thank-you for the good cooperation during the BMW 1-series tour. The professional advice up front as well as support during the entire event made a huge difference. We really appreciated the flexibility you showed in the face of enormous time pressure during the planning phase. All this helped make the venture a success. The trucks you provided, and especially your drivers, even exceeded our expectations."

With its campaign "Your future is colourful", Brillux aims to inspire youngsters to become painters and decorators. The truck is a central element of the campaign. Furnished to resemble a cool flatshare, it comes complete with a homely atmosphere. The truck is packed with ways to discover the variety of the painter and decorator profession. From colour design to a presentation of the range of apprenticeships on offer, visitors find out what it's all about.

It’s getting hot on German roads!

In 2011 there were two blue giants with the title “Buderus”, the worldwide known heat technology label of Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, rolling from our court. The decision between the versatile capabilities was cleverly circumvented by using two very different trucks:

The new construction is used as a room for trainings, where mainly employees from heating contractors, service engineer, planners and energy consultants take part. The practical study is warranted by nine functioning devices, for example a pellet-stove. Each year there are about 2000 people able to attend the trainings, which are supported by referees of Buderus.

The second truck was refurbished by Eilers Fahrzeugbau according to the motto “make do and mend”. In its interior you can see many stoves, which currently become more and more popular to homeowners, in a friendly atmosphere. Buderus offers this mobile platform for one or several days to its trade partners for events, exhibitions and house fairs, where they can inform customers about the different products.

German choir youth / children's choir country

"Together we sing stronger". Under this motto, a "Sing-Bus" of the German choir youth travels throughout Germany as part of the Children's Choir Land program. The SingBus offer includes workshops and individual exchange and advice on music-pedagogical topics. The vehicle was converted by Eilers Fahrzeugbau in Varel, the vehicle type is a 7.5 t "SamStage" trailer with a platform. The vehicle was designed in cooperation with the advertising agency Wigwam in Berlin and swdesign advertising agency in Varel.

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Custom vehicle


EA Games uses our eye-catching trailer based on the purchase model B1 for promotional tours. Serious gamers can test their skills at 10 gaming consoles inside.

Special feature: We converted a Dodge into a mini truck for a truck-trailer combination. Its loading area holds the kingpin for connection to the promotional trailer.


Discover the world of EGGER

In March 2011 the truck, which was ordered by the timber material producers and Tyrolean family company EGGER, left factory grounds to start its tour in the Ukraine. The 40-ton truck is not just an eye catcher from the outside; it also has the most elaborate interior construction, which was ever built by Eilers Fahrzeugbau in cooperation with other companies. Lots of brand new technologies make a visit in this truck become a great experience. Visitors are welcomed by tweeting birds among real trees and may look forward to the “Virtual Design-Studio VDS” and the materials cycle of the sustainable material wood animated by augmented reality-technology.

The winter garden can be used as an exhibition-, further education- or conference-room. The truck will be placed at EGGER trading partners’ disposal as an consultation room for their customers. The Roadshowmanagment for the next three years through i. e. Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belarus and Austria will be realized by our partner company GetGoing GmbH.

If this made you curious, take a look into the truck from home – just click here.

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New RegioMobile for a new awareness of energy

Environmental protection – as a result of all the discussions about the climate change, this is a topic which becomes more and more important in the industrial nations of the world, like Germany. Nevertheless nobody wants to miss the energy which is necessary to keep the living standard on the same level as before. To resolve this dilemma, it is inevitable to use the energy more efficient.

The EnBW Regional AG wants to present its communal customers and partner in Baden-Württemberg how that can be achieved. What would be more suitable than a mobile Presenting-room? Therefore Eilers Fahrzeugbau GmbH constructed EnBW RegioMobile: special Twin-SAMs in October 2010. EnBW uses them to inform on site for example about approaching challenges on a so-called Intelligent Net, which is also named ‘Smart grid of the future’. This happens with the help of exhibits, which make the complex topic very descriptive also for non-professionals.

The new SAM offers enough space. It has a small winter garden with a separated entrance and an interior room divided into kitchen area and presenting-room including a seating area. On the roof there are two solar-panels, one immovable and one able to track, plus two solar-powered street lamps.

The Highlights are extendable wind turbines, which are fixed at the tractor unit of the vehicle. Special effect: the wind turbines are producing energy during the event, this is being measured and shown on the screen in the interior presenting-room. The same is done with the profit of energy from the different solar-panels. Visitors are able to compare the different efficiencies of them.



Festo "The engineers of productivity"

Festo is a major global player in automation technology and the global market leader in technical training and further training. So we are delighted to have designed and realised a new info-truck for this innovative company.

Festo wanted the option of mobile training as well as of presenting to its customers new automation solutions at their locations. For this purpose, the company can equip its truck with up to 16 units. All units can be connected to compressed air and mains electricity supply networks. We specially developed a rail-based fixing system for fast and easy replacement of the display units.


Custom vehicle

Specially built rental vehicles

Beer bottle in 10:1 original size, made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic. The bottle appeared with its original foil wrapping. What's more, the gold paper was the type used for the real bottles, and several DIN A3 sheets of it had to be wrapped around the bottle neck.

Hamburg Airport supports dialogue! Manfred Czub, also known as Mr. Airport, is the first contact for all questions relating to the airport. He already uses a second-generation SAM vehicle, e.g. to explain airport expansion plans, noise protection programmes and other topics at local events. Additionally, the vehicle is now used at travel trade fairs for individual airlines.

Seeing red: 50 years HANSA-FLEX

Eilers Fahrzeugbau is pleased to celebrate the 50th jubilee of our distributor with a change of roles: the distributor is becoming the customer and the customer is becoming the distributor. After a long lasting business relationship where we purchased HANSA-FLEX-components for many vehicles, this is the first time we implemented these components into a vehicle for HANSA-FLEX. In summer 2012 the leading provider of hydraulic systems became a proud owner of a new-built SAM-Version, which catches attention due to its bright red coating. The vehicle tours through Europe and invites everyone who is interested to inform themselves about the products by having a cold beer from the vehicle’s beer pump

Bringing science to the people – the Jade-Oldenburg Innovative University (IHJO) Innovation Mobile

A total display area of 62 square metres plus 25 square metres of roof terrace, state-of-the-art media technology and flexible furnishing. All this enables our customer to present its work in science and research in various ways so visitors can experience it at first-hand. The truck has been on the road since June 2019 for science exhibitions, talks or interactive, research-focused lessons at schools.

Ready to drive, it is a good 19 metres long, two and a half metres wide and a little more than four metres tall. Once on site, the main space can be extended to a total of six times ten metres, features a roof terrace and has barrier-free access. The Science Truck interior can be adapted as a room for seminars, exhibitions or experiments. It features 25 multifunctional seating places, bistro tables and chairs, lounge furniture and a kitchen.

There are screen walls for showing videos, live transmissions or animations. Ideal for interactive digital presentations are the two multitouch tables which tilt to a maximum angle of 90° as well as tablet stations, plus presentation stands for exhibits. Also on board is a "chill corner" where visitors can take photos or videos in the Science Truck and post them to social media.



The Jägerrettes are coming to your town ;-)

It was no easy job. We were contracted to squeeze the Jägermeister world into a promotional trailer weighing at most 750 kg so that it can be driven without a special licence. This lightweight trailer is no comparison to the G class, but we rose to the challenge. As a finishing touch, we added Jägermeister bottles made of FRP to the roof to create the XXL tab machine!!! It's a cool event tool at any party.

For the market launch of its latest systems, Junkers has provided its team with 4 new infomobiles. Two of them require just a normal class B driving licence. Despite the compact dimensions, there's room inside for 4 large display items and one control wall. Our new fixing system ensures fast dismounting and flexible positioning of the items. It takes up no space because it is integrated flush in the floor and walls. The body comes with a specially developed aerodynamic 3D spoiler set. The internal structure of the FRP composite system means the body can be assembled with a flush finish and no external angle fixings.

The show truck we built especially for the Kawasaki brand is on the road with the latest models in Germany at motorcycle meetings, sporting events and festivals.
At numerous biker locations there is the possibility of free test drives with the latest motorcycles of the green brand.

The truck, designed in the cool green and black Kawasaki look by swdesign in Varel, is a real eye-catcher!


Promotional trailer based on the P4 sales models. Special feature: This vehicle comes with two extra semi-oriels in the swan-neck area that extend the available space by several square metres. The presentation room, measuring about 78.00m², can be divided into two rooms using Dorma glass elements. That way, it provides a separate training room with multimedia system (e.g. 60" plasma screen) and a presentation room for products. The truck is a Kenworth W900, specially imported from the US. It adds a distinct trucker feel to the whole vehicle.

Mobile training vehicles for the digital arable farming practice laboratory.

The digital future in agriculture is a project of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture. With the trailers converted by Eilers Fahrzeugbau as training vehicles in a new, fresh design (design, the LWK will in future be able to provide practical information and training on site across the country. The semi-trailers are equipped with the latest communication technology, which also enables digital instruction in the field. The approximately 40 square meter seminar room offers space for up to 20 seminar participants. One trailer serves as a stationary training room in the Schickelsheim domain, a test station of the Chamber of Agriculture, the other as a mobile training vehicle at various locations.

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As an official Champions League sponsor, Mastercard uses our SAM 1 vehicle type for campaigns outside football stadiums at the European match locations. That provides high-impact advertising for the credit card company.

A customised coffee mobile for promoting the Melitta brand at large-scale events.



This campaign is about test drives at selected locations. About experiencing Mercedes live. SAM 4 is the almost ground-level platform that provides a contact point for keen Mercedes enthusiasts. One component of the truck combination is a Sprinter specially converted into a semitrailer. It not only looks good and transports the trailer from A to B. It also supplies it with electricity. What could be more flexible than that!

„Being where the fans are“, difficult when the FIFA World Cup-matches take place in South Africa, almost 9000 km away from Germany? Not necessarily!

The RTL-WC-Truck allowed RTL to celebrate the FIFA WC 2010 together with the german fans despite spatial distance. The PromoCar Stage travelled to all the great Public Viewing – Events in Germany where he was an ideal supplement to the Live-Broadcasts by providing a suitable platform for sporting analyses including preliminary reports and summaries of the different matches. All strings ran together on the large presenting stage and made an analytically review of the FIFA WC 2010 possible. The RTL-Expert Jürgen Klopp and the RTL-Moderator Günther Jauch stood together on stage to accomplish this mission 2010. They toured with the truck to the big cities of Germany and supported the Live-Broadcasts of altogether nine WC-matches.

The Sport itself was always to the fore, but a special aim of the Roadshow too was to offer an alternate great joker to all the enthusiastic football-fans who could not be in stadium, because if there would neither be any euphoric get-togethers nor the excitement of all the fans, what would be football like? “What Günther Jauch and I want to present within the context of the fan festivities, should be fun to the people on site, which is significant to the atmosphere”, this is how Jürgen Klopp couched the function of the RTL-Roadshow 2010 in terms.

“Plants love it” – you too? Find out this summer!

In March 2011 the Mars GmbH started a promotion-tour for SERAMIS products with SAM1. SERAMIS manufactures care products for plants to give them ideal conditions to stay healthy, grow and bloom. One Highlight is the special clay granulate, which qualified itself as the “better soil” for pot plants because of its properties.

The tour endures carries on till end of October 2011 all over Germany. SAM I changes its location almost daily, as a result it can approach at a lot of DIY markets. At location the truck functions as an open promotion- and selling-stage, which is supported by a SERAMIS-Island.

Interested visitors are introduced and advised to the products.

A promotional trailer for presentations or training events at changing locations with an extremely varied scope of use. The interior is designed for up to 30 people (seated), provides space for fixed exhibits up to a height of 2.40 m and can be divided into separate rooms (mobile trade fair stands).


The Swisscom EventStar: One truck - two storeys

At the end of 2010, Eilers Fahrzeugbau received a special enquiry from Swisscom AG, Switzerland's leading telecommunications company. Initial talks revealed the nature of the project: a massive challenge.

The customer wanted a truck with a fully roofed-over second storey - basically a house on wheels! That demanded completely new departures in design and hydraulics!

But the second storey wasn't the only special feature. There is also a vertical lift at the rear which can lift for instance a Smart car inside the truck.

The project turned out to be a big success. In September 2011, we delivered the house-sized vehicle complete with two storeys, glazed area, oriel, lifting platform, two small and one large balcony to Switzerland.



Experiencing telepresence inside a truck. This time, our customer needed lots of space. Telekom required a real-life presentation of its current telepresence solutions. To make this possible, we installed several rooms in our Promo Car 16. A central conference room with Cisco telepresence technology for 6 people, a server room packed with IT systems and a green room for telepresence simulations. Thanks to our lifting floor technology, the set-up retracts within minutes and the truck is ready to drive to the next event.

The roof terrace or glazed area are ideal for consultations following the live demonstrations.

Custom vehicle

At the North Sea coast…journey of discovery with the Uni-OL Container

In summer 2010 it was not just the fresh maritime air which attracted many people to visit the North Sea coast, also the yellow reconstruction of a mudflat gaging station caused a stir in several coastel-locations. Scientists of the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the sea (ICBM) of the University Oldenburg were already on their way through Wilhelmshaven, Dangast, Hooksiel, Neuharlingersiel and Spiekeroog. Corresponding to their motto “Window to the exploration of the sea”, they gave the interested local coast dwellers and visitors an understanding of the versatile research on the subject of mudflat.

The research work of the ICBM becomes more significant in times of climate change, whereas also the need of education about the biological and chemical processes at the North Sea coast stays in focus of the scientist. This might people to expect long and tiring lectures, but the many-sided technology makes it more vivid like an exciting and interesting journey along the shallow sea coast. A children’s play area with info-blackboards, which are suitable for children, makes sure that children do not have to miss out.


The Vaillant Group is a global leader in heating technology. Apart from the top quality of its heating systems, Vaillant focuses on good service and customer support. One way the company ensures high standards here is with on-site training and product presentation in its truck. In just 30 minutes, the Vaillant heating systems reach full operational status and the truck is ready for use as a mobile training station. Currently, 6 vehicle units are on the road to cover all the countries in the German-speaking world.

The Viessmann Group ranks among the internationally leading manufacturers of heating, industrial and cooling systems. It uses mobile "infocontainers" to present its latest technology complete with control elements. The platform is the ideal solution for the trading company to advise end customers at in-house and regional events.

The extendable oriel means that the room, complete with installed systems, expands in just 15 minutes to a floorspace of 50 m². Even the smallest events are accessible thanks to the hydraulic positive steering. This truck is one technology powerhouse.

With this specially converted event truck, VW supported its dedicated New Beetle enthusiasts at fan club events. New Beetles lovingly and imaginatively customised by their owners were presented on the specially built drive-on podium, with the best models receiving prizes. It was a great event including a hint of flower-power charm.