Keeping it clean
Our mobile decontamination system for site hygiene at fire departments, THW and Co.

Efficient, groundbreaking and unique:

That's our newly developed mobile hygiene and decontamination system. The special vehicle provides on-site showering and changing facilities for safety services personnel.
So you can effectively prevent the spread of pathogens and contamination from work clothing.

The hygiene unit is the first of its kind, and it meets the statutory requirements of the German Hazardous Substances Regulation.
It features two one-way-street systems, each consisting of:
undressing area with washbasin, shower, dressing area and exit.
It is designed so that it can also be technically modified for other vehicle types (self-driven, trailer, swap body).
That makes it suitable for use in other areas with hygiene regulations.
More about on-site hygiene from FUK, the accident insurance organisation for firefighting services:

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Our highlights:

  • Utility model protection on:
    - Floor with integrated drainage channel
    - Middle technical and supply wall
    - Easy to operate stair construction
  • Easy-care interior design
  • Easily accessible inspection openings
  • Heated interior
  • Two independently usable decontamination lanes
  • Waterproof materials and core materials
  • Large, integrated grey water tanks
  • Integrated storage space for clothing and equipment
  • Space extension by means of protective tarpaulins on the tailgate
  • Can be put into operation by one person in approx. 15 minutes
  • 126 years of experience in individual vehicle construction