Your mobile partner for as long as you want!


One-night stand or partner for life? For many companies or purposes, buying a promotional vehicle is not the answer. There can be lots of reasons for this. Maybe the tour is a brief, one-off event, or owning a vehicle would simply not pay off. In other words: it's not worth it.

But you still want to make a big impression, and we have the solution: don't buy, rent!

"Off the peg" isn't good enough. That's why our rental vehicles are special models from the Eilers stable that we customise with exterior design, interior fittings to suit your purposes and tailor-made extras. The result is a stunning advertisement for your company.

Our GetGoing subsidiary handles promotional vehicle rental. You can rely on us as your partner from start to finish - from the first plans to the truck modifications and even personal roadshow support. We know exactly what you want just as we know every detail of the truck you hire.

Are you interested in one-to-one advice on rentals? Simply click above to find the right basic model, then contact the professionals at GetGoing on +49 4456 899 228.

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