Varel (pronounced Farel, stress on the first syllable) lies south of the German coastal town of Wilhelmshaven, and its 25,000 inhabitants make it the largest town in its rural district. You can find us directly on the A29 between Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven, right near the Varel/Obenstrohe exit.

While we love our little town, we could just as well operate from Frankfurt or Hamburg. That's because our trucks travel literally all over the world. We organise and control our entire logistics system (GetGoing PartnerNet) by Internet and data transmission, so our location is not really important.

Still, if you want to pay us a visit and at the same time get a breath of fresh, North Sea air, you're welcome any time! Whichever way you look at it, Varel is definitely worth a trip. We'll make you a cup of tea with Kluntjes (solid lumps of sugar) in the local tradition.