Everybody claims to be 'the best' - and we're no exception.

However, Eilers vehicles stand out from the rest with six key USPs:


  • Unique oriel technology that doesn't require a folding floor

  • 12-kW air conditioning system with air shaft panels throughout the vehicle

  • Independent power and water supplies

  • Sophisticated control technology with remote maintenance

  • Customised frame structures for tailormade solutions

  • Our own FRP panel production for a flush, precision fit


Stow and go: Our oriel system is like no other!

Unlike standard systems, our extendable oriels slew out to their full width, yet still don't need a folding floor. 

What this means for you: All the exhibits or activities you present in your oriel don't have to be laboriously dismantled and stowed away after the event, but swing back into the truck as they are. So you don't need any extra storage space or a second trailer and you save valuable time!


Keep cool. We make sure you have a great working atmosphere!

All our vehicles come with an extremely powerful 12-kW air conditioning system. You'll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently it distributes cold or hot air throughout the truck via air shafts in the ceiling panels.

What this means for you: After just a few minutes, the entire truck really is comfortably cool or warm - not just at one or two air outlets. The air conditioning unit itself is built into the front end of the trailer. That saves space inside the show truck as well as frayed nerves, because this source of noise is fully insulated from the rest of the vehicle.


All mobile homes need power points. Not our show trucks!

An average one-family household in Germany consumes around 11 kW of electricity per day. Our promotional trailers from 50 square metres have 25 kW of power and 250 litres of water on board. So an Eilers truck is self-sufficient for a good 48 hours. 

What this means for you: You don't need any external power sockets and don't have to bother about water connections that are extremely hard to find. Supplies are sufficient for 2-day events. You'll appreciate being free to concentrate on more important matters.


We sort things out. Without even getting up!

The control technology for all hydraulic and air-conditioning functions of an Eilers show truck uses sophisticated software tailored to you and your requirements. So precisely the right amount of power always goes exactly where it's needed. After all, the extendable stairway takes much less punch than the height-adjustable hydraulic support at the rear left. 

What this means for you: Our truck leveling sensors work according to the same principle, so the entire trailer always stands steadily and on the level. That reduces material strain, makes the oriels easy to extend and prevents gaping joints. 

But if any problems do occur, we solve them without even getting up. That's because the entire control system of any Eilers truck comes with a remote operating option. So whether your event takes place in Berlin or on the Brahmaputra - we're right there when you need us. And that's a promise!


Forget off the peg: we build your frame ourselves.

Eilers doesn't deal in off-the-peg solutions. We rely on customised frame construction in our own production shop.

What this means for you: Even if the frame you want isn't available anywhere on the market - we’ll build it for you – robust, precise and extremely safe. That makes us flexible enough to meet even unusual customer requirements on the dot – and to guarantee seamless quality assurance right from the start.


They fit like a glove: FRP panels from our own production shop!

When it comes to FRP and sandwich panels, we don't rely on external supplies. We prefer to make our own. We install internal structures in all the construction elements such as windows and door frames, lower panel reinforcements and corners. We machine these parts with a large-scale CNC milling gantry.

What this means for you: This special production process means we can seamlessly integrate many components into the vehicle body without externally applied rails. The automated milling technology ensures very high manufacturing precision which is not restricted to standard contours. So we customise windows and doors as well as wall reinforcements for interior fittings or vehicle openings to suit your purposes.